Chest Rub

My kids have been fighting coughs this week again!!! Time to whip up some rub! This recipe calls for Eucalyptus Radiata which is my go to Eucalyptus for the kids… Why This oil?? It’s because it has the lowest levels of eucalyptol in it (60-70%) Lower levels of eucalyptol mean lower levels of risk in terms of accidental overdose. What would accidental overdose look like with eucalyptus? You’d basically have to drink a 5 ML bottle OR use an INSANE amount diffused/applied topically. Anyhow, back to Eucalyptus Radiata. Something interesting about this variety is that it has a nice little chunk (around 30%) of terpenes called α- & β- Pinenes. α- & β- Pinenes are great for protecting the body. Since you guys are Eucalyptus pros, you know already that Eucalyptuol is wonderful support for the respiratory system.

Chest Rub

Melt first three in double broiler then add EO, pour in a mason jar, let cool and refrigerate over night.

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