12 Deals in 12 Hours on December 12th! 

This is super exciting!! They have already released 8 deals and there is still 4 more to go!! To Lee updated on the deals you can click on link below or go to my FB page, Balanced Body and Life, I am posting every hour! 

There will be more deals offered hourly til 7 pm MST. Be sure to check back here to see what the next deal is. You’ll be able to choose your items and keep them in your cart til the end of the day…be sure to check out before 7:59 pm MST. Go to www.youngliving.com/12deals to put your favorite items from this hour’s deal into your cart.

The deals must be purchased in a Quick Order–no ER orders and no ER points. Be sure to go to www.youngliving.com/12deals to put your favorite items from this hourly deal into your cart.
Products ARE limited in supply so if you really, really want something, you might just want to go ahead and checkout. If you end up purchasing a few more items that get released in the later parts of the day, you might luck out by having the warehouse combine your orders and receive a refund for 1 of the shipping charges but there’s no guarantee that’ll happen, so IF you have multiple orders, know that you’ll likely be paying multiple shipping charges. So, my tip of the day is to wait til the end of the day to check out so you have one shipping charge. Young Living has reassured us that they have plenty of the products in the 12 deals. 😉

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