Dear Moms

Dear moms out there, or moms to be…. I’m sure you hear it all the time, “They grow so fast! Time flies! Enjoy it now!” Which is so very true.


They do grow fast…..but while they are growing, they might talk back to you, give you attitude, tell you they don’t like you, or get upset when you don’t give them everything they want.


Time DOES fly……But also some days are so very long, and sometimes you DO want to get away from them to take a breath, or wander around Costco or Target or even sit in your car alone to get away.


Enjoy every Minute……And while we try to enjoy every minute, some minutes aren’t enjoyable and are almost unbearable.


But I’ll tell you one thing, i can preach all i want about what we should do as moms and still i struggle….but i know one day when he is opening that door for me, paying for my lunch, or buying me a gift just because, I will look back at all those things and KNOW i did something right

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