Full Body workout

All you need is a plate and dumbbell! I used a 15lb plate and 10lb dumbbell

20 curtsy lunges into press each leg-

20 reverse lunges

20 push presses

20 alternating single arm presses

20 single leg deadlifts alternating

10 alternating diagonal rows

20 oblique tilts each side

20 pike leg taps

20 weighted sit-ups

2 rounds



Hello Friends, I haven’t done an intro in quite some time. My name is Bre. I am a mom of two boys and one girl. I met my husband when I was 18, but didn’t start our life together until I was 25. He is my best friend. He reminds me to practice what I preach and be better.


I love my people like I love my products. Non Toxic.☠️🧟‍♀️ I am passionate about healthy living, oils, the moon, crystals, life, and my family.


I struggle with mom guilt and staying present. I’m too grounded and wish I could be spontaneous and flighty at times. I also hide in my kitchen pantry to get alone time and eat chocolate.


My love language is “Gifts” (hence all my Giveaways) and my color personality is “Red.”(hence my “grounding and Type A qualities) I try everyday to be Inspiring, Present with my kids, a Happy Wife, a Successful Business Owner, a Loyal Friend, and good human. Once you have my loyalty it’s hard to break it.


I love to joke about struggles and feelings of motherhood, because well….sometimes we need to laugh instead of cry.


I am happy to meet you and in honor of our meeting I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!! A beautiful, custom made diffuser bracelet by ManaKai Jewerly! . All you have to do is follow me here, or on Instagram at @bre_hamideh, and also comment here or there with one word that describes you! I will be going live on my Instagram story for the winner on Sunday!

My word is LOYAL

Happy Saturday Friends!

White Angelica is back!!

I’m going to get real here for a minute….

I had a hard time becoming a mom…not physically becoming a mom but emotionally.

I thought the moment i saw my baby i would be the happiest woman in the world and i would be on cloud nine! And while i was madly in love with my sons when they were born, something didn’t feel normal.

There may be moms that won’t admit it or looked at me funny when i tell them how sad i was, or how dark it felt at moments….Call it “baby blues, post partum” whatever term you may use. But it was REAL.

It def got easier the second time around but was still hard. I needed emotional support. I had friends, family, and a loving husband, but they were not with me at all times or in the middle of the night. And i was not going to turn to medication either.

Essential oils not only help boost your immunity, replace your toxic cleaning, owies, boo boos, tummy aches, muscles, and all physical things but they help support you emotionally!

This Oil right here….White Angelica!!

I have been hoarding my bottle with a few drops left patiently waiting it’s return, i have only sampled off some drops to a desperate mom but other than that it’s been on lock down! And it’s BACK!

This is all thing Emotional!

My family and i use it to support:


✔️bad dreams

✔️night wakings

✔️psychic attacks

✔️negative clearing


✔️ peace and comfort

✔️doubts, fears, and worries

And if you are a mom, you need this Oil for you and your family!

In honor of this Oil making its way back into my home, I am giving $25 towards your Premium Starter Kit! whether you want to use that for your kit or to add this gem to your order!

New members only, ends jan 31st. Email me for details!

Being A Present Mom

I’d be lying if i said i was a Present Mom 100% of the time. That is probably one of the biggest Mom guilts i feel. Every day that passes i wish i were more Present the day before. In fact while writing this post I’m regretting not being with my son snuggling.

While i was watching a mentor speak about her success it brought me to tears when she broke down about the tragic loss of her 3yr old daughter a few months ago, and how she would give it all up just to hold her again, and that NOTHING is worth it. But of course, nothing is worth it when you are comparing it to a love of a child.

I was brought to tears not only because of a fellow mother’s heartache but because she had NO regrets, and she WAS a Present Mom, and really never took a moment for granted. That is why i was brought to tears. I WOULD have regret. Mostly not being as Present as I could Be.

I will strive to be a better mom everyday, and try my hardest to BE Present. I want to leave this world with no regrets, no looking back, and knowing i Raised the Shit out of those kids and was there for them every minute. Thank you Madison Vining for the passionate reminders you give all of us moms.