August Promos

Celebrate SUMMER and BACK-TO-SCHOOL!!!
Young Living is at it again! You are not going to BELIEVE what they have in store for you this month! Get ready to stock up on some incredible summer and back-to-school faves!!

100pv Essential Rewards: 5ml Lemon Vitality
You are going to LOVE the bright, citrusy scent and taste of Lemon Vitality! I begin every morning with a few drops of this “liquid sunshine” in my water to help my body wake up, perk up, and get ready for a new day! But it doesn’t stop there! The list of uses for this versatile oil is ENDLESS! Add to baked goods, stir fries, dressings, vinaigrettes, meats, veggies, pastas, marinades, and more! Lemon Vitality can also be taken via capsule if desired. You truly cannot go wrong!

190pv Essential Rewards: 5ml Envision
This is one of our family’s FAVORITE blends!! Formulated to stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, Envision includes Black Spruce, Geranium, Orange, Lavender, Sage, and ROSE!! I’ve heard that applying this blend every day before beginning school or work can help with calm and focus. Beautiful to diffuse, you can also use Envision as a perfume, combine with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex for a relaxing massage, or mix with Epsom or sea salts for a relaxing bath!

190pv: 15ml Citrus Fresh
Another delightful, summery scent to brighten your days year-round, Citrus Fresh contains Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, and Spearmint! Diffuse Citrus Fresh to perk up your work space, classroom, or home; drop onto cotton balls and use in trash cans, gym shoes, or anywhere prone to odors; or mix with water to create a refreshing room spray! You can also combine Citrus Fresh with your favorite ART moisturizer to encourage smoother, more radiant looking skin!! Because this blend contains some oils which may cause photosensitivity, avoid applying to exposed skin just before sun exposure. 

250pv: Clarity
The perfect blend for back-to-school or ANY time you want to foster feelings of clarity and alertness!! I diffuse Clarity often in my work space, especially when I REALLY need to brainstorm or knock out a giant to-do list! This blend contains a host of much-loved, stimulating oils, including Basil, Rosemary, and Peppermint. Add a few drops to your diffuser necklace, gently massage into temples or back of neck (careful to avoid the eyes), or simply place a drop in the palm of your hand and inhale this invigorating scent!

300pv: KIDSCENTS OILS!!! (<–What the WHAT?!????)
Say WHAT?! Yes, that’s, “oilS,” plural, as in FIVE!!! With your 300pv August order, in addition to ALLLL the oils already listed (remember to place your order via Essential Rewards!! All the POINTS; all the PERKS; all the OILS!!!), you will receive FIVE KidScents essential oil blends! 

5ml GeneYus: So many mamas and their littles adore this blend of highly prized oils! To give you an idea: Sacred Frankincense, Blue Cypress, Melissa, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Myrrh, Vetiver, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Hyssop, Rose. . .and that’s not all!! Some of the most AMAZING oils EVER all rolled into one powerhouse blend!! No wonder so many mamas love applying GeneYus to their little ones’ toes and the backs of their necks when it comes time for focus and concentration!! Go ahead and enjoy a bit for yourself while you’re at it!

5ml TummyGize: A blend of Spearmint, Peppermint, Tangerine, Fennel, Anise, Ginger, and Cardamom, TummyGize is the perfect relaxing blend for massaging onto little tummies. 

5ml SleepyIze: This relaxing bedtime (or anytime!) blend is so popular, it is limited to one per month, per member when ordering, and THIS month, you are receiving it as a free gift!! SleepyIze contains a beautiful combination of Lavender, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Tangerine, Bergamot, and Sacred Frankincense, as well as sleepytime favorites Valerian and Rue! Perfect for nighttime bonding and snuggles, you are going to LOVE it!!

5ml Owie: Formulated with Tea Tree, Elemi, and other oils which are gentle and perfect for the skin, keep this one handy for application whenever your little one (or you!) needs some extra love and care.

5ml SniffleEase: Containing THREE species of Eucalyptus, along with Dorado Azul, Myrtle, and other invigorating oils, this blend is often found in our diffuser during the fall and winter months. It also makes the perfect chest rub when combined with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex! Mix several drops with Himalayan sea salts for a soothing bath! As soon as you open the bottle and catch the energizing aroma of this incredible blend, you will know exactly how and when to use it!!

In case you lost count, that’s nine. NINE essential oils and blends are YOURS this month with your 300pv order! A retail value of $266.46!! Combine that with your 10, 20, or 25 percent back in Essential Rewards points, and YOU are one super savvy shopper! ENJOY!!!

Promo from Me to get you Started!

What a week it has been!!! Not being able to be at convention was really hard for me but I am so happy we had some team there giving us all the scoop! 🙌🏻🙌🏻So many amazing products have been launched and I’m so excited about them all!!! 

🌸💄🌿🌞🍼Whether you are into natural living, making your home smell good, toxic free makeup, Sunscreen, and baby wipes, we have it all now!

Getting the Premium Starter Kit was the best investment I ever made for my family, once you have your starter kit you get discounts on all the other Young Living Products! Including all the new launched ones! 🎉🎉

I had a few of these blends made with my Make and Take, so in honor of the excitement with all the new products I’m giving away 10 Roller Blends with every Starter Kit!! 🤗They come with this cute little zipper pouch! 
That means you get 10 ready to use Rollers, The Premium Starter Kit, Free Diffuser, a YL Membership for Life, A pass into our Member’s Only Educational Group, and me, 🙋🏻 as your Oil Lady to all you through every step of the way!! 👊🏻🌿

Uh Duh!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️No Brainer!! If you ever had a slight interest now would be time!

Here is the link to order-
Oh and here is a fun video of me explaining the Beautiful Starter Kit! 😘❤️

New Products!!!

I’m so excited to announce some amazing new products!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
We now have Sunscreen! Makeup! A new Baby Line! And more supplements!! 🌞💄👶🏻💪🏼
To be able to get everything you need from such an amazing company is HUGE! 

More info on products below:

:Seedlings Baby Line! No more DIY wipes or lotions! 👶🏼

:Non-toxic, nano particle free, cruelty free Sunscreen!😎

:Insect Repellent! This is non toxic, DEET free and made with essential oils! 

:After Sun Spray- which can be used on big bites, burns, cuts & scrapes

:A mineral makeup line 💄

:A new Beautiful diffuser that will run for 10 HOURS!
:Aminowise – (lemonade wolfberry! No dyes or added sugars!) a post workout supplement to help with muscle recovery and enhanced performance! You know I’m all over this!

:Shutran 3 in 1 men’s wash for my hubs! Yum!!!

:Super Cal Plus, a favorite made even better! Support your bone health!

Plus a few more! 

I feel so grateful for all of these products!! My mind is blown!! 
To be able to Live a more SAFER, HEALTHIER, TOXIC FREE lifestyle is always my main goal for my family. You can now get them all from Young Living! ❤️🌿✌🏼

Classes and Events!!

Are you on Facebook???

I’m so excited for all these amazing classes and events hosted by me and some of my close Oily Friends!!!! There are a few in person Make N Takes but mostly the rest are Online, so no need to be present at that time, all the info will remain up for a few weeks!!
Below are all the classes!! If you are on FB, make sure you message my Balanced Body and Life Page and let me know you would like to be added!

-Essential Oils 101 Class-ONLINE-Tonight, May 30th at 9pm CDT
-Roller Bottle and Spray Bottle Making Event – June 1st 7pm at Oily Friends house in Scripps Ranch-SD
-Oils 201 and Oils under $25- ONLINE- June 7th @ 8pm
-Bring your Oils and Roll with Me-Roller and Spray Bottle Making Event- June 10th at 2pm in San Marcos-NC
-Essential Oils for your Unique Child- ONLINE- June 13th @7pm PST
-Beer and Oils- June 14th at BREWERY!
-Pregancy, Babies, and Kids-ONLINE-June 19th @ 7pm PST
-Oils 101 Workshop- June 21st @9:30 am At Yoga Jai Ma in Rancho Bernardo
-Biz Opportunity Class- ONLINE- June 28thAre





Ditch the Perfume!

Ok… let’s get real for a moment of rant….
Have you experienced any of these symptoms? Irritability, mental vagueness, muscle pain, asthma, bloating, joint aches, sinus pain, fatigue, sore throat, eye irritation, gastrointestinal problems, laryngitis, headaches, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, spikes in blood pressure, coughing, and burning or itching skin irritations?

If so, it MAY, just MAY be a side effect from the toxic chemicals you are spraying on your body and inhaling. Just sayin….

Some of the most common chemicals in perfumes are ethanol, acetaldehyde, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, a-pinene, acetone, benzyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, linalool, a-terpinene, methylene chloride, styrene oxide, dimenthyl sulphate, a-terpineol, camphor, and limonene which can lead to the symptoms above that I mentioned.

Don’t believe me? Why don’t you just try? Stop using perfume for 30 days and see if any of your symptoms subside. Here is a great article below with some more info if you want to educate yourselves … 🤓

The Toxic Effect from Perfume

Here are some great DIY Perfume Recipes!

Energizing Blend – Grapefruit/Ylang Ylang

Mix 7 drops of Grapefruit with 4 drops of Ylang Ylang in a 5 ml roller bottle and fill with fractionated coconut oil (it’s odorless and doesn’t solidify when cold) or sweet almond oil.

Floral Blend – Jasmine/Lime

Mix 7 drops of Jasmine with 4 drops of Lime in a 5 ml roller bottle and fill with fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil.

Floral Blen-Jasmine/Tangerine/Ylang Ylang 

Mix 5 drops of Jasmine, 7 Ylang Ylang and 5 Tangerine in 5ML roller bottle and fill with coconut oil or sweet almond oil

Walk in the Woods Blend – Lavender/Lemon/Vetiver                                    

Mix 5 drops of Lavender, 4 drops of Lemon and 3 drops of Vetiver in a 5 ml roller bottle and fill with fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil.

Sexy Musk Blend – Lavender/Lime/Copaiba

Mix 5 drops of Lavender, 4 drops of Lime and 3 drops of Copaiba in a 5 ml roller bottle and fill with fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil.  Or Stress Away from Young Living which is made with lavender, lime, copaiba and other essential oils in a roller bottle.