Truth Bomb!

📢Truth Bomb Time!!!

SLS, SLES, Phlalates, Parabens, Fragrance, Perfumes, Dyes, Formaldehyde, and Phosphates!! ALL ARE KNOWN TOXINS AND CHEMICALS LINKED TO HEALTH PROBLEMS!!

I’m talking health problems like asthma, sore throats, narcosis, liver and kidney damage, headaches, nausea, depression, hormonal problems and more! And guess what??? Those chemicals and toxins are in our home! We clean our homes and floors with them, clothes with them, wash our dishes with them, then our babies walk on those floors with bare feet where the biggest pores in their bodies are, they are putting those cups in their mouths after we wash them and they are wearing the clothes that are imbedded now with them.

Feeling a bit defensive right now? It’s ok! I was too when I learned about it all, no mom or wife wants to know they are bringing these chemicals into their home and possibly causing harm to their families. So why do we keep doing it? Why don’t we research and find a better solution? A more natural solution???

My dish soap and dishwasher powder was one of the last switches I did. I thought I was doing good by using brands like Seventh Generation and Meyers, then I realized the STILL have those names listed above in them! The Thieves Cleaning line is not only safe and plant based, but it is Essential Oil infused with the Immune Boosting Oils! Who doesn’t want to clean the dishes and boost there immunity at the same time? Don’t want to wash your dishes? Don’t worry! There is a dishwasher powder as well.

LISTEN…. even if you do not want to use Young Living, do me a favor and make your own! Educate yourself and make a better choice!



Hello Friends, I haven’t done an intro in quite some time. My name is Bre. I am a mom of two boys and one girl. I met my husband when I was 18, but didn’t start our life together until I was 25. He is my best friend. He reminds me to practice what I preach and be better.


I love my people like I love my products. Non Toxic.☠️🧟‍♀️ I am passionate about healthy living, oils, the moon, crystals, life, and my family.


I struggle with mom guilt and staying present. I’m too grounded and wish I could be spontaneous and flighty at times. I also hide in my kitchen pantry to get alone time and eat chocolate.


My love language is “Gifts” (hence all my Giveaways) and my color personality is “Red.”(hence my “grounding and Type A qualities) I try everyday to be Inspiring, Present with my kids, a Happy Wife, a Successful Business Owner, a Loyal Friend, and good human. Once you have my loyalty it’s hard to break it.


I love to joke about struggles and feelings of motherhood, because well….sometimes we need to laugh instead of cry.


I am happy to meet you and in honor of our meeting I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!! A beautiful, custom made diffuser bracelet by ManaKai Jewerly! . All you have to do is follow me here, or on Instagram at @bre_hamideh, and also comment here or there with one word that describes you! I will be going live on my Instagram story for the winner on Sunday!

My word is LOYAL

Happy Saturday Friends!

Being A Present Mom

I’d be lying if i said i was a Present Mom 100% of the time. That is probably one of the biggest Mom guilts i feel. Every day that passes i wish i were more Present the day before. In fact while writing this post I’m regretting not being with my son snuggling.

While i was watching a mentor speak about her success it brought me to tears when she broke down about the tragic loss of her 3yr old daughter a few months ago, and how she would give it all up just to hold her again, and that NOTHING is worth it. But of course, nothing is worth it when you are comparing it to a love of a child.

I was brought to tears not only because of a fellow mother’s heartache but because she had NO regrets, and she WAS a Present Mom, and really never took a moment for granted. That is why i was brought to tears. I WOULD have regret. Mostly not being as Present as I could Be.

I will strive to be a better mom everyday, and try my hardest to BE Present. I want to leave this world with no regrets, no looking back, and knowing i Raised the Shit out of those kids and was there for them every minute. Thank you Madison Vining for the passionate reminders you give all of us moms.

Dear Moms

Dear moms out there, or moms to be…. I’m sure you hear it all the time, “They grow so fast! Time flies! Enjoy it now!” Which is so very true.


They do grow fast…..but while they are growing, they might talk back to you, give you attitude, tell you they don’t like you, or get upset when you don’t give them everything they want.


Time DOES fly……But also some days are so very long, and sometimes you DO want to get away from them to take a breath, or wander around Costco or Target or even sit in your car alone to get away.


Enjoy every Minute……And while we try to enjoy every minute, some minutes aren’t enjoyable and are almost unbearable.


But I’ll tell you one thing, i can preach all i want about what we should do as moms and still i struggle….but i know one day when he is opening that door for me, paying for my lunch, or buying me a gift just because, I will look back at all those things and KNOW i did something right


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Welcome to our Oily Home!❤️🌿

I started this journey three years ago and I have learned so much!

3 years is how long it took me to replace all the toxins in our home. It’s not an overnight thing and I’m still learning everyday, but to see my families overall wellness change over the last 3 years has been unbelievable! Why do we wait around for sickness? Why not live a life full of wellness, abundance, and happiness now.

If you want to learn more about how these oils changed my home and wonder if they can do the same for you, I’m having a LIVE Facebook 101 Event Monday night at 9pm PST. You don’t even have to leave your couch! Friend me, Bre Hamideh, FB Message me you want in my class, and Ill invite you!