Kids Enzymes

Because sometimes eating out happens… 🌿

Enzymes help with nutrient absorption. They help break down foods in the digestive tract by breaking apart the bonds that hold nutrients together, those are nutrients that will be absorbed so the body can use them for energy and other important functions.


Kids typically have a lot of natural enzymes where as adults we lose quite a bit which is why it’s good to have a good enzyme supplement, but I love having these on hand for my kiddos when I know they may not be eating what they are use to eating. Road Trip, Grandma and Grandpas House or some ball game food. These are great to help support that tummy and everything that goes inside It. #kidsenzymes #kidscents



In honor of Tuesday’s Full Moon I want to talk about Releasing what does not serve us.


While the full Moon is a time to release you can also release all month long. What are Limiting Beliefs?


They are beliefs or ideas that we were taught growing up that limit us to our full potential. They can even be beliefs that are passed down from our ancestors that we didn’t even know we had.


“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

“You have to work hard for your money!”

“Money is the root to all evils!”

“Starting your own business is too hard!”

“I’m not good enough, or strong enough, or pretty enough.”


It’s time we Release all that nonsense!! Write down every belief that has limited you to your highest potential and burn that shit!!


This Blend not only smells divine and has become my perfume but it helps with releasing! I add a few drops to an Epson salt bath and cry it all away until every drop has disappeared down the drain.


Release is a blend of Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, Rose, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Jasmine, Tangerine and more!


Could you imagine if we all released every limitation we had? This world would be magical since it is already limitless!

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New Moon in May

New Moon in Taurus today! I’m feeling extra energized because I Am a Taurus Moon.

Uranus also shifts into Taurus today as well! Under this New Moon energy and under the shifting energy of Uranus, it is going to become more important to focus on creating stability in your life through the acceptance of change.

The interesting thing about Taurus is that she doesn’t like change, so we need to find balance and accept change for the better.

Taurus energy is all about finding security and stability, especially when it comes to our health, family, and money.

Take time to set your intentions and affirmations today, spend time in nature, take a walk or hike, or just go outside and water your plants.

Happy New Mooning!

Self care

Self care is something I didn’t realize the importance of years ago. Now I see how truly magical it is.

As we go through our days, weeks, months, and years sometimes blindfolded or strictly by routine, you never get to see the true beauty in all that life has to offer unless you are indefinitely and magically in love with YOUR true self.

I challenge you to give yourself a morning ritual of self care, whether that means waking up 10 min earlier and writing down two things you are grateful for and stating, “something amazing will happen today!” Or taking a yoga class, warm bath, or reading a self care book.

You will be amazed how your day, week, month, and years will change.


They are always watching, why not show them the correct way?

Teaching my kids yoga and meditation is so important to me. Learning that by taking deep breaths, you can slow your heart rate and calm your mind.

It’s so much easier with children because Children naturally exercise mindfulness, a key component of meditation, because they have less mental barriers, biases, and pre-determined beliefs that allows them to experience a pure state of mindfulness.

If you start them young I believe they will know it’s there in a time of need. I sometimes forget it’s there when I am in that moment when it is fully needed, but if I start a habit of doing it every morning or evening before bed I’m hoping it will stick with them.

Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo tonight and tomorrow!

This full moon Falls in the earth sign of Virgo and occurs at 11°. 11 is considered a master number in numerology and represents awakenings, higher consciousness, and the opening of portals into higher realms and dimensions.

All of this makes This full Moon highly charged and will give the start of March a magical energy that will be fun to explore.

Full Moon’s are usually release points, but under this Full Moon we are going to feel extremely guided. It is almost like the radiating energy of this Moon is going to pull or shift us in the direction we need to be heading.

It is important to pay attention to what unfolds around this Full Moon, as it is likely that you may receive some insights or intuitive pings about areas of your life that have felt clouded or foggy.

Falling in the practical earth sign of Virgo, this Full Moon is going to help us make decisions in our lives from a place of practicality. It is likely that wherever we are guided will naturally feel like the right move, and we will be able to find our confidence to forge ahead.

Every experience that comes to us in life is there to help us grow and evolve, and looking at life this way can sometimes help us to see things from a bigger picture point of view.

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