New Ab Circuit

You obviously don’t need to use weight if you don’t want to or don’t have them, but DO push yourself to 2 rounds! Make sure your booty stays down in your plank, I got super lazy after 4 rounds of this which isn’t an excuse but my form sucks the last plank! Enjoy! 

Push It Circuit

You can use a bar or dumbbells with the circuit! Make sure you’re getting low in your squats with the thrusters, and push yourself on the weight since it is only 10 reps per round each exercise. Enjoy! 

Upper Body 10’s

So I have been getting a lot of requests for more upper body workouts, I have to admit I definitely focus on the lower body so I made this one special for those who have requested it. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Dumbells, plates, or carton of soup!-5-10lbs
  • Large plate, bar, or a heavy baby
  • Sliding plates- paper plates for carpet, towels for hard wood or tile! That’s it!

Definitely burned after one round so try and do as many as you can!

    Lower Body Circuit

    Sometimes it’s just way too cold to work out in your garage and you got to bring your equipment in doors! Even if that means jumping up on your coffee table as a box jump!  

    Make sure with your box jumps you’re extending your hips at the top, you can also take it to step ups. 10 each side. If you do not have a barbell for the deadlifts, you can grab a heavy free weight and do plié squats. 

    Promise to make you sore leg Workout!


    I love Calling this work out “make you cry work out,” not that it will make you cry during the work out, but that you want to cry from how sore you are after! Make sure you challenge yourself with the weights! My plié squats I only had 20 pound dumbbell, when I normally would use 35’s. My barbell is 45 pounds. You are doing higher amount of reps so you don’t want to go too heavy but you want to be able to challenge yourself as well. Make sure you do three rounds of each superset, I did not show that in the video because I did this work out the day before and I was so sore I couldn’t do more than one round. 😜 

    If you do not have anything to elevate on the plié squats make sure you at least touch the floor with the dumbbell while keeping your shoulders back and back straight. Also make sure you’re getting those knees on your lunges as close to the floor as possible. Enjoy!